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What Boards Should You Make For your Pinterest Account?

What Boards Should You Make For your Pinterest Account?

We all love Pinterest don’t we. Here are some awesome tips to help you choose what boards to make.

So you’ve decided to use Pinterest to market your business and you’ve signed up for a business account. But now there’s this big space that is shouting out for some pins. That’s okay, you have a couple of cool templates and have them ready to do.

But what do you call your boards? It is an important part of Pinterest SEO so don’t just jump into something random. Let’s look at what boards you should make for your Pinterest account.

The first five boards

It might seem tempting to make a new board for every single pin you add but this isn’t always ideal. You want to start making the board regularly active, even if that’s a pin every other week in the early days. So it can be an idea to start with five boards.

So how do you pick the five boards? One easy idea is to look at the categories on your blog. You probably have a few of them, maybe a sub-category or two. These are great subjects for your first five boards because you can add pins from the posts to the board that’s the same as your category.

But what about if you don’t blog and have products or services instead? Well, you can work on a similar idea. Use the product categories within your business to help you choose those first few boards. Or think about the overarching type of service you offer and use these.

Naming the boards

There’s the temptation to have a little fun with the names of boards or to try to have something catchy and clever. But resist! Boards need to have keyword-rich names to help Pinterest understand what they are about.

Now you can definitely add words around them to make sense of the board. For example:

  • Category: cocktails = board: Tasty Cocktail Recipes
  • Category: blogging = board: Blogging Tips and Tricks
  • Product category: handmade necklaces = Handmade Beaded Necklaces

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