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Should You Invest in Solar Panels for Your Home?

Should You Invest in Solar Panels for Your Home?

Here at Cheat Planet we are all about sustainability and finding new ways to help our planet. So here are the pros around installing solar panels at home.

Solar panels are gaining popularity everywhere, with homeowners scrambling to get them installed to be a part of the trend.  The good thing is, these are great for the environment, awesome for saving money on bills, and can boost your social status, but they’re pretty expensive.  These are some of the things to keep in mind if you’re considering these panels.

The Cost of these Panels

If the largest concern for you is the cost of these panels, you’re not alone.  Solar panels are prohibitively pricey and can hold many people back from wanting to invest in them.  The average install in most states sits at around thirteen thousand dollars, which is a lot of money to take on.  If you’re not sure about them, there are tons of ways they can save money for you, but it’s a good idea to research everything first.

What They Can Do for Your Electricity Bills

By installing a minimal amount of panels, and not filling the entire back of your roof with them, you can save three thousand dollars over the next ten to twenty years of electricity bills.  This is a lot of money that could be spent on doing things you want to do in your daily life.  After calculating the tax credits, this can save you over eight thousand dollars in the long run.

The Value in Tax Returns and Cuts

Buying St. Albert real estate can be expensive!  That’s why it’s a good idea to try and save as much money as possible through your taxes and other expenses.  Instead of allowing yourself to pay your full tax amount, there are major discounts for those that decide to install green energy devices.  These savings can allow you to spend that money in other ways or will let you push it back into the payment for the products themselves if you bought them on a payment plan.  

The Social Value of Them

This may sound like a strange point to make, but there’s a lot of social value in having solar panels. First, it shows those around you that you’re taking climate change seriously and that you want to do your part in ensuring that the environment is helped.  They can also spark conversations, with many people wanting to know why or how you got them, as well as what it does for your electricity bill every month.  

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