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Luxury Beauty Brands That are Planet-Friendly

6 Luxury Beauty Brands That are Planet-Friendly

There are plenty of cosmetic and beauty brands out there that offer an eco-friendly product line. But it can be hard to tell which brands are actually eco-friendly. Below I have listed some of the top ones so that you know which brands to buy your next sustainable beauty from.

The beauty industry has been a major player in the preservation of the environment. Beauty brands have been coming up with innovative ways to make their products eco-friendly and sustainable. The following are some of the top luxury beauty brands that are environmentally friendly:

– Burt’s Bees: Burt’s Bees is one of the most famous natural beauty brands out there. They offer everything from lotions, cleansers, lip balms, shampoos and conditioners to cosmetics like lipsticks and mascaras.

-Lush Cosmetics : Lush Cosmetics is an eco-friendly company that makes all its products in a sustainable way. They do not test their products on animals and they use packaging made from recycled materials. Shampoo bars are amazing 90% of their packinging is re-cycled.

-Kiehls: Kiehls is a brand that uses only environmentally friendly ingredients in their products. They also use packaging made from recycled materials and do not test on animals, which is why they have been recognized as an environmentally conscious brand by PETA, Greenpeace, Global Green USA, and other important organizations

-The Body Shop Anita Roddick founded this brand in the 1976 I was 11 years old back then. Her products we revolutionary at the time. I absolutely loved her Dewberry range and the lip balms were iconic. The ethos has not changed fighting for a fairer but more beautiful world. Sustainable and Ethical this beauty brand is here for the long haul.

-Weleda an ethical Bio Trade Company 75% is Plant based

-Neals Yard I discovered when I lived in London  back in 1983 I visited their Covent Garden Shop in the Piazza. I have used some of their products ever since the Rose Beauty Balm is amazing I also love the Almond Moisturiser. I also use their diffuser oils I especially love their rose essential oil.

-Tropic Beauty  If you watched the Apprentice a few years ago you will already know this brand. She started selling her natural beauty products in Greenwich Market and went on to win ‘The Apprentice’. Australian Susie Ma created her brand from scratch in her kitchen. Her products are freshly made cruelty free and natural.

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury for sustainability. There are many brands that offer eco-friendly and environmental friendly beauty products. Many of these brands use recycled materials, sustainable packaging, and more. I absolutely love Tropic Products I buy through a brand ambassador. For every purchase you fund an education she teamed up with United World Schools to fund one day in a school for every purchase made.

The best part is that these products will still keep you feeling glamorous and beautiful! You will find using natural beauty products can help reduce stress.

While there are many different things to consider when purchasing eco-friendly make-up, including the ingredients, packaging, and the impact of the product on the environment, a good place to start is by simply reducing your use of plastic. You might also like to look out for eco friendly cleaning tips.

Plastic is one of the most used materials on earth, but it can’t be recycled infinitely. Plastic pollution is a major issue facing our planet. Our oceans are filled with plastic that has been thrown away by humans. Birds and other marine life mistake these plastics for food, causing them to die due to the inability to digest this type of material. For more eco friendly beauty ideas take a look at TalesofBelle.

Things You Didn’t Know about Buying Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Products

Choosing a cosmetic product with the words “eco” or “environmentally friendly” on it may seem like a no-brainer for most people. But when you look at the marketing around these products, it is clear that many of them are making false claims to justify their premium prices. For some wonderful winter beauty tips you need this.

Another great way to find new cosmetic products or just to try them out as Christmas is coming, all the beauty companies have started to create Beauty Advent Calendars.

There are many reasons why you should buy eco-friendly cosmetics. These products are healthier for people and for the environment, they are often organic or natural, and they will often save you money in the long run. So get online or go to your local high street and look out for sustainable ethical products they do not have to break the bank. For more eco friendly tips and ideas.

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