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How to Use the Pinterest Trends Tool

How to Use the Pinterest Trends Tool to Help with Content Research

Pinterest doesn’t have a keyword research tool but it does have a handy feature that can help you with content research, planning your content calendar, and deciding what to pin and when.  Let’s look at how to use the Pinterest Trends tool to help with content research and more.

What is the Pinterest Trends tool?

Pinterest Trends is a feature within Pinterest designed to help you understand what is working and when on the platform.  It can be used alongside other tools such as their monthly and seasonal updates to help decide when you should publish content or how to handle seasonal topics.

Most all accounts have access to it and to find it, select the Analytics drop-down menu within your Pinterest profile.  At the bottom there’s the ‘Trends’ option – select this for the tool to open.

Researching a topic

Trends will default to either your location if available or to the US.  You can change this if you want to research a topic for somewhere else.  For example, someone in the UK might want to see when Mother’s Day content is popular in the UK and then compare this to the US as they are at different times.

Below the search bar, there’s a load of current popular topics.  These aren’t based on your account but on Pinterest as a whole so some may be irrelevant to you.  If you do want to know more about them, select one to open the trends search.

Otherwise, pop the search term you want into the search bar and hit to search.

Using the information

As long as the term is in the keyword database, you’ll open up a screen with a graph on it.  The graph always starts from your current date so the information will seem to move as you go through the year.

Try to get 2-3 words for your board name but don’t go too long. The key is to ensure Pinterest can categorize it and know who to show your content to because the board name has helped with that.

Don’t forget the board description

If you’ve used Pinterest personally, I bet you never added a board description at all. And that’s fine it isn’t important. But as a business user, you need to add a description to the board for one simple reason – you can add more keywords!

First, you want to write in sentences and not just a list of relevant keywords. But do try to incorporate 2-3 variations or long-tailed keywords relating to the board topic. So for the cocktails example, a description could be something like:

Tasty Cocktail Recipes includes drinks recipes for rum, gin, vodka, tequila, and more. Learn to make easy cocktails at home, try classic recipes, and find the best seasonal drinks.

All of the words in bold are keywords that relate to or are relevant to the board title. But it still reads naturally and sensibly for any user that happens to visit the board. User experience is always top of the list for things we consider.

Add content to your boards

You don’t have to limit yourself to five boards but it is a good starter number if you are a little unsure. As the account grows, you can move pins to new, more specific boards. So that cocktail board could lead to Vodka Cocktail Recipes, Summer Cocktail Recipes, and more. 

But to start with, keep it simple and get those pins flowing.

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