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How Can Gaming be Relaxing and Relieve Stress

What is Stress and How can Gaming Reduce it?

I have been feeling really stressed lately. Maybe it’s coviditis is that even a word? Maybe not but our lives are becoming busier. Going back to the workplace after long spells of being told to ‘stay at home, has been stressful for many of us.

With the current state of technology, we need to find ways to reduce the amount of stress we feel. Gaming is one option for reducing stress and is particularly popular with those who are prone to anxiety, depression, and social phobias I find it really helps me at times of stress.


The main benefit of gaming as a stress reliever is that it provides a distraction from whatever causes us anxiety or causes us stress. We can also choose whatever form of gaming we like, be it mobile games on our phones or console games in front of a TV. All forms of gaming can provide hours’ worth of distraction from a stressful situation without any additional cost other than time.

Gaming also has a secondary effect on our brains where it stimulates the brain’s reward system, which makes us feel good about ourselves and allows us to feel less stressed about life.

I am a self-confessed retro gamer I love games such as Space Invaders I love this game Neon Invaders

You get to choose a background and they have a cool retro theme that sounds just like back in the 1980s.

I absolutely love all the retro gaming I love the arcades at theme parks and seaside resorts and my kids find it quite amusing that I love them so much.

Why Aren’t More People Aware of the Benefits of Gaming On Mental Health?

Games can be a great way to relieve stress and release pent-up energy. The latest video games provide players with an escape from their day-to-day life and the opportunity to do something they enjoy.

Gaming Can Be an Effective Tool For Managing Your Mental Health

It’s not just about playing video games. Playing any game can be good for your health, whether it be an app on your phone or a board game with friends. There are many ways to enjoy gaming and all of them could be considered as leisure activities. I particularly love Danger Mouse yes I am really showing my age now. I grew up in the 1970’s and 80’s. Another really cool game is Zombie Typing. This is great for me as it helps improve my typing speed,

One common misconception about gaming is that it’s all about violence and fighting. That isn’t true there are plenty of games out there that focus on the lighter side of gaming.

The potential for gaming to promote mental health is a notion that is increasingly being explored. The video game industry has been trying to tackle the stereotypes of gamers being unhealthy and isolated.

While no conclusive evidence can establish a direct link between gaming and mental health, there are certain aspects of gaming that have been shown to be beneficial to human psychology. I certainly find it helpful after a tiring stressful day. The are plenty of other stress-busting ideas.

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