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10 Eco Friendly Hacks to Go Green

The Lazy Way to Save the Planet thats why we are called Cheat Planet.

We are all becoming more aware of our environment but what things can we do to help improve the planet? How can we look after the environment without much effort? Where can we find tips to help without breaking the bank.

Here are our top tips from Cheat Planet the lazy way.

Stop Mowing the Lawn.

Stop Mowing that grass or at least leave an area un-mowed cancel your gardener and save some cash, let those buttercups and daisies appear and enjoy more wildlife you will have more bees and insects which in turn you will see more birds. Sit back and sip on a gin and tonic.

Let that Kitchen get Messy

We know we all hate a messy kitchen but one of cheat planets motto’s is DIRM (does it really matter) Do you have to wash those dishes every day? Contraversial we know but? You could wash those dishes every other day just dump them in the sink and do them tomorrow. You will save Hot water, detergent and ultimately the environment and your time can be used for something else.

Plant a Tree while you sit at your PC

Plant trees for free Change your search engine to Ecosia they plant trees for searches via their search engine.

Car Share Catch a Bus Walk Cycle

Do you really need to take the car to the shop? Think Clean air catch a bus , walk, ride a bike or scooter and keep fit at the same time. You could also think about how you may car share with a friend or neighbour. You would save money on fuel and save the planet. Yes not all of these are Lazy ways but we all need more exercise.

Change Energy Supplier

Change your Energy Supplier to a 100% Green Energy Supplier Shop around for the best deals. It will cost you nothing to look around and actually could save you money. You might need this when you move home too.

Cut Down on your Plastic Waste.

Stop using Plastics. we have changed from Plastic straws to Bamboo Straws you can find these quite cheaply on Ebay or Amazon. Make sure you re-cycle.

Subscribe to a weekly Vegetable Box

There a plenty of veg box suppliers who will deliver you freshly grown organic vegetables. Look up new recipes online as you may find some vegetables in your box you might not have tried before. They will be delivered in a cardboard re-usable box which you return the following week.

Use timers on all your lights so they switch themselves off

Have your lights set up with timers and switch off all lights when not in use. Change all your bulbs to energy saving bulbs.

Always Use Canvas Shopping Bags

Stop using plastic bags completely do not pay for anymore supermarket bags

Take a Cold Shower

Taking a Cold shower sounds awful but it is also very refreshing. You will save money and save the planet by using less hot water. Take care of yourself 

These 10 Tips won’t break the bank or break your back. They will also make you feel good that you are doing something to help the planet without too much thought or effort. There are plenty more eco friendly hacks to try. You could even try making your own Christmas Wrapping Paper. More ways to be Eco Friendly.

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